Learn how to rock climb safely and confidently!

Our Rock Climbing Boot Camp will get you from watching Free Solo from your couch to leading a top rope climbing session on your own with confidence and safety. Don’t let the online format scare you. Every skill will be passed off by a trainer before we let you out on your own. You just don’t have to sign up for a 2 or 3 day course to do it. You can learn all this from your home and get one on one coaching and help.

top rope climbing

I’m actively building this rock climbing boot camp. It’s available for pre-enrollment now. You’ll get all the lessons as they’re published and you’ll get the whole thing at a much discounted rate than will be available when the course is complete.

Learning to climb can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be.

What will you learn?

rock climbing gear

Learn what gear you need

If you want to get outdoors to climb, you'll need some basic gear. We'll cover all the ins and outs of purchasing, using, and caring for your climbing gear so it will keep you safe for years to come.

tensionless hitch for top rope climbing


You'll learn all about anchors including specifics on when to use various types of anchors, when not to use them and strategies for building solid reliable anchors that will leave you with confidence in your skills.

Rock Climbing Boot Camp Presale

Recognize and manage risk

You'll learn all the things that you should be watching out for so you don't do them. Knowing how to do something right isn't enough. You need to know why it's right and why other methods are more risky.

top rope belay


You'll learn how to belay from above and below a top rope route, how to escape a belay, how to backup a belay, how to anchor a belayer, and more.

Rock Climbing Boot Camp Presale

Knots & Hitches

You'll learn how to tie all the knots and and hitches you need for safe climbing. including when to use them and their strengths and limitations.

The 19 Best Rock Climbing Workouts for home and gym

Climbing Techniques

You'll learn basic climbing movements and techniques that will give you confidence in your ability to climb harder and harder routes.

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Most frequent questions and answers about this course

The course is organized into a series of topics. Each topic is primarily taught through videos. Some topics include pdf sheets to study and all topics end with a quiz where skill mastery must be demonstrated. There is a final exam at the end of the course to test your comprehensive knowledge. 

There aren’t technically any prerequisites, but you’ll want to have access to all the climbing gear you’ll need to top rope climb outdoors. You’ll also need a place to practice your climbing skills.

This will entirely depend on the amount of time you need to practice the skills before you master them. The online content is probably about 10 hours of material, but you’ll likely end up repeating and studying it for more time than that.

You may not pass your first time. That’s okay. Keep studying and practicing and you’ll get there. I’ll help you if you need additional help.

If you feel this course didn’t give you the skills you need to rock climb outdoors safely and confidently, we’ll refund all your money. Guaranteed!

Be confident that you know how to climb.

Climbing isn’t necissarily a dangerous sport, but it does involve risk. This course will teach you how to recognize and reduce risks so you can climb with confidence and focus on improving your climbing skills without worrying you don’t know what you’re doing.


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